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02-12-2007, 1:58 PM
Hills that is, swimin' pools, movie stars.

So I keep hearing people talk about this thing called "practice" and thought I should get some. Never having "practiced" before, I wasn't sure what to expect.

When I got to the range this past Saturday I was surprised to find a bunch of guys that usually shoot better scores than me already there. They must be doing this "practice" thing too.

From what I understand, "practice" is when you go to the range when there's no tournament going on. You just shoot as many stations you want. But here's the best part. If you miss a bird, you get a free do-over. Actually, you get as many free do-overs as you want until you feel comfortable with that presentation. How sweet is that?

I met up with Randy Stewart and Fabrizio Buschini and we started our round. Even though there wasn't a tournament going on, Bruce had set some challenging targets. If you've ever shot at Triple B, you know Bruce's targets are always doing something, (curling, twisting, or fading) just about the time you want to shoot them. I later found out these were the targets from this month's registered shoot.

Triple B has 12 "tournament" stations and 12 "hunter" stations. We started on station 24 and worked our way down. All the stations worked perfectly, the birds were challenging, and we were having fun. I even got some "practice".

About the time we got to station seven or eight, we ran into another group going the opposite direction. Some of these guys looked familiar to me. Yep, they were honest to G-d movies stars. Now I'm not usually star-struck, and I've been around other famous people, (my wife is friends with Jenna Jameson, don't ask), but I've seen these guys on TV and in movies. In fact one of them is in a movie that's nominated for an Oscar. Some of them play tough-guys in the movies, but they were all friendly to me.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you their names because Hollywood doesn't like actors that exercise their constitutional rights. But trust me, you know these guys and you've seen their movies.

I will give you one hint; most of them were shooting Fabbri shotguns, (Mr. Fabbri was shooting with them, how's that for customer service.)

Anyhoo, so there you have it, sporting clays, swimin' pools and movie stars. Oh and it was in the high 60's and sunny too. Come out to Triple B Clays and get some "practice".

02-12-2007, 2:13 PM
How can I say this without sounding gay? You are the male equivalent to a female c0ck tease.

02-12-2007, 3:57 PM
Is that good or bad :)

02-12-2007, 9:40 PM

Uh, did you say your wife is friends with Jenna? When Jenna breaks up with Tito Ortiz, can we double date?:D I swear, my wife won't mind.

Nice website. I was cruising it earlier today. I'm a newbie to clays, but can't wait to shoot at M-N-M and Triple B's.

Peace & Chicken Grease