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10-17-2011, 8:30 PM
A buddy of mine picked up a AR upper at the last cow palace show.

When he took to home he noticed the bcg was a lil hard to remove. He lubed it up and it sat till this past weekend he took it out and some problems started.

Plain and simple it wouldn't cycle. I came over and noticed that despite being lubed the bolt was gettin hung up in the bolt carrier. Closer inspection revealed the gas rings seemed to be getting hung up on the two gas ports. I took a look at my carrier and his ports looked smaller too. Thing is he has an m16 bcg and I just have a normal one so I don't know if it's a normal difference.

Plan is to go back and see if the guy will swap them but he never received a receipt.

So if the guy won't swap what are the options? Can they be drilled out?

He also found a decent price on a bcm stripped carrier but were not sure if he can remove parts from his and put them on the new one.

Any help or ideas?

BTW: NO YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR TYPE B.S.... Just trying to help my buddy and that crap don't help anyone!!!

Plus I already told him thats why the ak rules!!! Lol!!!


10-17-2011, 9:03 PM
i would just get the new bolt carrier and not look back. its very easy to change out, 5 min . its not worth messing around with the old one drilling out and such,although i don't think drilling is the answer with the old one anyway. you might add a new set of rings as well.

10-18-2011, 6:19 AM
Honestly, I wouldn't go for a swap, demand a refund of your money (buddy's money) and then go buy a carrier from a known quality manufacturer.

Tell your buddy to think of it like a car's engine, if you're building a car are you going to cheap out and buy an engine out of some guy's garage that has no markings, questionable material and quality control, that has no guarantee or are you going to go with a known quality maker of engines?

Its the heart of the weapon, don't skimp on quality, Colt, FN, LMT, Noveske, BCM, DD, take your pick, they will all give a long dependable life.

Think about it, you found that one problem, what else is wrong with it? Is the staking done correctly, is the gas key screws even torqued properly? Since that one internal tolerance is jacked up, how many other tolerances are not being met? Is it even made from the proper type of steel, was it heat treated and MPIed properly? Is the chrome lining the proper thickness, evenly applied, using the proper method?

See, you find one mistake, everything else comes into question.

There is a reason people say buy quality, tell your buddy all this and tell him to learn from this and to apply the lesson learned to everything else down the road.

Have him buy the BCM stripped lower, get the other parts from BCM, it'll only be a few bucks, and take it to a smith to have the gas key installed properly (torqued and staked)