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10-17-2011, 3:40 AM
This is my first post here at Calguns. My name is Calvin. I'm relatively new to firearms, and my first time shooting a handgun was in February of this year. Anyways, here's my experience with Mike and Tracy Rifle and Pistol:

I purchased a Norinco 1911 on 9/10/11 off Gunbroker. I originally went with another FFL that is literally 10 min. away from me (I will not name this shop, but just a little browsing on Calguns would allow anyone to have a very good guess as to which shop this was). To make a long story short, after 2 1/2 weeks of personal visits to the shop, PM's here on Calguns, an e-mail, all I was getting from them were lies (FFL info sent when Seller says nothing received) and inactivity. After more reading here on Calguns about that shop's issues with Customer Service, I e-mail Mike on 9/28/11 and ask him to exchange FFL info with the seller. Because Mike was on top of things, the seller shipped 2 days later (9/30), and I made the 1 hour drive from San Jose to Tracy on 10/5.

I'm normally a late sleeper and a late waker, so arriving in Tracy at 11:00AM on about 5 hours of sleep was difficult for me. I was not much for conversation, even though I was excited that the Norinco was finally here. After a quick inspection, I started the 4473. Because Mike and his sales associate (didn't catch his name) were very helpful, I also picked up a WASR-10 from them on the same order, since I was interested in one and felt that I should support a great shop that is serious about their business. I was in and out in 30 minutes, headed back to have lunch, then on to work.

On 10/15, I made the 1 hour drive again to pick up. I take possession of the 1911 and WASR-10, and make it a point to personally thank Mike and shake his hand before I walked out the door. I have zero regrets about driving out to Tracy for this purchase/transfer. The only regret I have is not going with Mike in the first place, which would have saved me at least 2 weeks of waiting for nothing. I'm sure that will not be the last time I make the 1 hour drive out to Tracy.

Thank you again, Mike.


10-24-2011, 2:33 AM
I can echo that...I'm not driving as far, but I take all my business to TRAP. Good sales staff, quick, no-nonsense service. Never had any problems. Definitely worth the trip.

Bert Gamble
10-24-2011, 3:25 AM
Welcome to the board

Cen Cal Gunner
10-24-2011, 7:18 AM
I wish I lived closer hear nothing but good things about TRP.Welcom to the forums!

10-26-2011, 10:41 AM
I went there yesterday and was amazed by their selection and willingness to show me personal guns from the back room and anything else I wanted to see. Also told me "If you want it and we don't got it, we'll get it".
I will definitely be making my next purchase there. Very much worth the hour drive.

10-27-2011, 1:28 AM
Thanks for the kind welcomes. They do have a decent amount of options and choices in-store. Even though I just picked up the WASR-10, I'm already researching and planning out my next purchase. Will definately have to consult with Mike when the funds build up enough.