View Full Version : Marlin 1895cb

10-16-2011, 1:47 PM
I've got my eye set on a Marlin 1895cb 45-70. Anyone own one? Wondering if you do how you like it, whats your shooting experience with it (rough on the shoulder, too heavy, too long).

I own a couple of Rossi 44 mag levers as well as a Winchester 94 in 30-30, but really wanted to get one of the big-bore rifles in my collection. I had considered the Marlin 444 and had also considerd a Sharps 40-90 (but just can't bring myself to spend 2500 on a rifle from montana armory).

Snapping Twig
10-16-2011, 2:28 PM
Awesome rifle to be sure, but you have to get one made before Remington took over production, say pre 2009.

I got a GBL made in 2009, but it was one of the last real JM proofed/assembled versions and I went through a couple before I selected it. These days Marlin levers are really poor in the QC and they stopped all production on the 1894 line till they can get it right. Damn near all the 1894's have been getting returned for QC issues ranging from wood fit/match, screws missing outright or in the 1895 line clocked barrels, drooping barrels, dovetail cutouts in the wrong spot, actions that feel like they have cement in them.

Get an older one any you will not be disappointed.