View Full Version : SA Battle Packs $49 + shipping from NV... Info Only

02-11-2007, 12:09 PM
...Passing this along, not mine, information only...



I have a number of battlepacks of 308 ammo to sell to raise funds for various unfinished projects. All are still sealed and have been stored in temperate conditions. I'm going to cut off sales as soon as I reach my monetary goal.

South African 308 Battlepacks 140 rounds for $49, ships at 7.7lbs

If this is out of line, feel free to send over an offer.

Prices do not include FedEx Ground shipping costs. To estimate your shipping, total up the weights from above and use the FedEx Shipping Calculator at:


Origination zip code is 89502. Actual shipping will be a bit lower, as I have an account and will be dropping off at a staffed facility.

For reference, a single battle pack shipped to the East Coast is about $11. This goes down with proximity to NV and with increasing quantities.

FTF transactions in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada are OK!

USPS money order and Paypal (+3.5%) accepted. No trades, please!

Chris Tisone in Reno, NV <c_tisone@hotmail.com>