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10-15-2011, 2:28 PM
This thread is cross posted. I have a metric ton of feedback from multiple venues (all 100% positive), if you want me to provide some, just ask.

Looking to sell or trade my custom, one off US Optics SN-12R scope w/mount. I got this scope from a very well respected member of the shooting community who writes for a well known gun rag (won't say who unless he says it's okay). This scope was even featured in one of his articles. Here's what he said about the scope:

"This is a one of a kind, hand built US Optics SN-12R that was done by John Williams Sr. (founder of US Optics) right before he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Essentially, it is a mil dot out of a 10X scope put in a 4x. It lets you range find very easy because the distance between the dots is 1 ft. at 100 yards. It is made to go on an AR receiver with a great mount. It is very robust and has insanely good glass. When mounted on my Noveske gun, I was hitting shotgun hulls stood up in a line at 50 yards as fast as I could move the reticle and press the trigger. It works great."

I'll add to this by saying that if you got close enough you could kill a man with the scope alone. It's a freaking tank! The adjustments are silky smooth and the glass is clear as day. I really have no reason to get rid of it short of I've decided to go in a different direction on my 7.62 build and would like something with more power. The knobs are calibrated for 5.56, but you can have US Optics make you a set for any caliber you want using your own BDC data or they can provide you with generic BDC for any round.

Looking to get $900 shipped OBO. This will include flip up lens covers and US Optics picatinny mount.

Only items I'm looking to trade for are:
- Leupold LR/T (let me know which model you have)
- Super Sniper (one with the side mounted parallax adjustment knob)
- Zeiss Conquest (one with the side mounted parallax adjustment knob and finger adjustable turrets)
- Aimpoint Micro H1 (maybe T1 depending on cost) I NEED TWO OF THESE
- Aimpoint M4S
- 1911 Commander slide (either Novak, Heinie, or BoMar cut)
- 1911 Commander barrel (prefer name brand match and unfitted)
- 1911 build tools
- DSA metric receiver
- Imbel metric receiver
- Coonan metric receiver
- DSA medium contour FAL barrel
- 17.25" Para FAL barrel
- Para lower receiver (stripped is fine)
- Para stock assembly
- Para bolt carrier
- Para top cover (non-railed)
- FAL inch magazines
- FAL metric magazines
- Draco Mini AK
- S&W M&P 9
- S&W M&P 9c


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