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10-14-2011, 8:06 PM
Ok Tikka fans. Here is what we are doing at Chipley Arms for the long range hunting crowd. These are chambered in Winchester Short Magnum calibers. The green stocked one and the one in the factory stock are 7mm WSM and the tan one is a .300 WSM. We also did one in 270 WSM (not pictured, but my favorite to shoot) and they are all tack drivers.

Jason spent time at the range today showing two of the customers who bought them how easy it is to make first round hits out 1000 yards with these rifle and scope setup.

All use Leupold MK4 4.5-14X with Kenton elevation knobs. We are using Berger bullets exclusively.

The one in the factory stock is our "basic package". It uses a Shilen select match grade 26" barrel, chambered in WSM caliber of choice and topped with a Chipley Arms muzzle brake. The trigger is tuned to a crisp 3 lbs. They come with bi-pod, sling, scope, rings, cleaning rod,hard case, and 100 rounds of in house custom ammo loaded just for the rifle.....yes...we are a 07 FFL which allows us to meg. and sell ammo to the public.

The next step is the deluxe package all of the above plus a B&C stock, CDI bottom metal, and one Alpha Mags WSM 7 round magazine. The barrel is a Lother Walther match grade barrel.

If you are in the Redding area we also will take you out to the range and have you shooting to 1000 yards within just a few shots.

Are plans are to start making in house bolt shrouds and bolt handles along with all sorts of other goodies...just waiting on CNC machines.

So....on to the pron!

Take care,Stan

http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/6413/dsc00279copy.jpg (http://img408.imageshack.us/i/dsc00279copy.jpg/)

http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/4712/dsc00289copy.jpg (http://img7.imageshack.us/i/dsc00289copy.jpg/)

http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/1763/dsc00288copy.jpg (http://img829.imageshack.us/i/dsc00288copy.jpg/)

http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/2519/dsc00285copy.jpg (http://img233.imageshack.us/i/dsc00285copy.jpg/)

http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/3166/dsc00286copy.jpg (http://img577.imageshack.us/i/dsc00286copy.jpg/)

http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/5858/dsc00283copya.jpg (http://img143.imageshack.us/i/dsc00283copya.jpg/)

10-14-2011, 8:09 PM
Those are awesome!

That's cool that you'll take your potential customers out and show them how to shoot long range. Good for you!


10-14-2011, 8:13 PM
Hmm my wife goes to redding once a month for bis a d I have a tikka lite 308 begging for some up grades. I love the gun how it is but I would really like to mod it a bit.

10-14-2011, 8:16 PM
Thank you. We want folks who are spending their hard earned money to be confident in their rifle. No better way to instill that confidence then to get them behind the rifle and squeezing the trigger.

It is a great enjoyment for me to see that smile on a first time long range shooters face as he bust a clay bird at 600 yards....over and over. And to see the look of amazement as they hammer the steel targets at 1000 yards with a hunting rifle.

I am taking a new to long range shooter to a 1000 yard match tomorrow so he can get his feet wet in the long range game.

Take care,Stan

10-14-2011, 8:19 PM
Hmm my wife goes to redding once a month for bis a d I have a tikka lite 308 begging for some up grades. I love the gun how it is but I would really like to mod it a bit.

PM me and I will give you the phone #. We are currently only open to the public by appointment right now.

We can do as little or as much as you would like. Here is my full on Tikka build we just finished: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=486526

Take care,Stan