View Full Version : 1911 22LR Conversion: Tactical Solutions 2211 or Marvel Unit 1?

10-12-2011, 3:46 PM
I'm considering one of these. Based on the interwebs, the Tactical Solutions is the new kid on the block with rave reviews based on its reliability and lock back slide. It's expensive, and so are the mags.

Marvel Unit 1 seems to be the gold standard, and they also offer a new version with a lock back slide. Slightly more expensive than the Tactical Solutions, magazines are equally expensive. Seems to be more accurate.

It *seems* like the Marvel Unit 1 is the "better" kit, since it's more accurate and the only slightly more expensive (you can pay a whole bunch more for the steel version of the locking slide).

OTOH, I came across a post that says that you can use the cheaper GSG 1911 22LR magazines in the Tactical Solutions conversion kit, so that would make the Tactical Solutions kit a little more appealing. Can anyone with a Tac Sol kit confirm this?

Also, if the accuracy of the Tac Sol kit is the same as the Marvel 1, then the (hopefully) cheaper mags of the Tac Sol kit would make that a better value...?

So, I guess I'm hoping someone can tell me that the Tac Sol kit will take the GSG magazines and that it's also just as accurate at the Marvel 1 kit, otherwise I guess I'll get the Marvel 1 kit.

Or just shoot .45... At $60/mag, with 5 mags, you're at $300, plus $450 for the kit itself, so now your at $750-$800. Based on my estimate of 15 cents a round for reloaded 45, and 4 cents for (factory) 22LR, you'd have to shoot at least 8,333 rounds of 22LR before you even started to break even... Not sure the math makes sense...


10-12-2011, 4:06 PM
I have always been extremely happy with tac sol products. Mostly purchase products for my rimfire open match pistol. But have used the 2211 kit as well and was pleased. But honestly for the price I would recommend just getting a Ruger 22/45. For $250-300 you get an extremely reliable and accurate semi-auto that accepts 1911 grips. That and mags run about $15 each new. So on sale at turners with 2 extra mags for around $300ish for a new pistol with 4 mags. If you do decide to get a 22/45 and have issues with the dismantle feel free to PM me. Very easy to break it down and put back together once the process is understood. Also the grip angle and 22/45 are designed to feel like a 1911. So if you love your 1911's like I do then you'll have loads of fun with it.

10-12-2011, 6:23 PM
FWIW, I bought an STI branded 22 conversion for a 2011.

Wanted to put in on a 1911, but didn't want to spend the $75 for 1911 magazines.

Picked up a 1911 (22) mag from Advantage Arms, and it works no problem.

Can't say they all will work, but there's not much "alteration" you can do for feeding a 22 through a 1911 mag.