View Full Version : Ffl01 dros fee question: cheaper for multiple C&Rs?

10-12-2011, 7:31 AM
Didn't get any help in the C&R section, so maybe I posted in the wrong place...

I have both my ffl03 and COE. I am buying 4 pre-ww2 C&R pistols from a single out of state owner and are having them all sent to my local ffl01 to do the registration.

Q: in the past, I've only registered/bought one C&R pistol at a time and was charged $75 out the door by my ffl01. Will I be charged $75 for each of the 4 C&R pistols, or is there some law enabling my ffl01 to not have to do the various taxes/fees for multiple purhases.

Is there also a limit to what my ffl01 can charge me for multiple C&R pistol registrations at the same time?

FYI, when I got my HSC license just in case, a different local dealer charged me $30. Later on I read that the max he was supposed to charge me was $25!

If anyone has done multiple C&R pistol registrations at one time with their ffl03 and COE and can give advice about the fees, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit: Received answers in my previous thread. looks like my FFL01 can charge whatever they want? Darn....