View Full Version : Colt 6724 CAR-15 Varmint Rifle package $950

10-11-2011, 7:05 PM
Colt 6724 CAR-15 Varmint Rifle package $950. I bought this baby brand new and paid dearly for it. Now I am selling basically a kit just add your reciever, bolt, and a small parts kit. This rifle is used but in EXCELLENT condition, feel free to inspect the barrel or any part of it. All parts are stock and came with the rifle as purchased new.

Comes with;
1. a Colt free floating, 24" (61 cm) Stainless Steel HEAVY Barrel with a 1 in 9" (229 mm) rifling twist and 11 degree target crown that deliver optimal accuracy in a semiauto platform. Included as part of the Colt Accurized Rifle design is an all-aluminum tubular handguard with twin sling swivel studs that allow for easy target sling and bipod attachment.

2. the stock with buffer tube, weight, and spring. Stock contains a trapdoor comparment.

3. Pistol grip

4. Rings as supplied by Colt. They are B-Square 1".

5. Original packing and box.

Additional items
1. I decided to keep the little operators manual.

2. I have the stock 2 staqe trigger group which has been hand polished (no geometry change just smoothing the surfaces) available for $40 (not shown)