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10-11-2011, 10:11 AM
Just finished a weekend of shooting at TASC Firearm courses. I needed a holster for my Glock 17, and I didn't really want to drop that much for a nice Kydex holster.

Anyhow I stumbled upon Patriot Concealment holster's. I think they are just starting up, but I got in contact with them and they made me a holster and mag pouch. Here is my review for it.

I asked for black, full cover with slight open at bottom, owb, and a 10-15% adjustable cant.

They build a custom one for me within two days and shipped. They can apparently customize color, type, can't etc... http://patriotconcealment.com/


By unscrewing the belt clips you can adjust them lower or higher to give you a different cant.

Retention was awesome. I was moving constantly and the glock was always snug. Whenever I drew, it came out smoothly. Whenever I needed it to stay snug it did. When I got home I flipped the holster upside down and shook hard. It retained perfectly.


Overall for a good price, and total customization, I was extremely happy with this holster. If your looking for a solid solid Kydex holster, then hit these guys up!
I actually tried my buddies custom kydex from a different company, and I felt mine was just as great, except mine was about $50 cheaper. I'm trying to save up and buy another holster for my 1911 now.

Video of them demonstrating some of their holsters.

I do not work for Patriot Concealment. In fact I have no idea where they were located. My GoogleFu just brought me to them and they were able to supply me with what I needed.

10-11-2011, 10:13 AM

Here is the mag pouch.

These were well made and also provided great retention. Mags went in and stayed in. When I drew, they came out.

Only bad thing was how much real estate these take. If you can see from the pictures they take up a lot of space as they are spaced pretty far apart and took up a good chunk of my battle belt.

10-11-2011, 10:15 AM
How big/wide are the belt loops? They look small in the picture but I am guessing they aren't. 1" 11/2"?

Only bad thing was how much real estate these take. If you can see from the pictures they take up a lot of space as they are spaced pretty far apart and took up a good chunk of my battle belt.

I noticed that too, any chance they have plans for double mag holder? I like that I see so far. :D

10-11-2011, 10:26 AM
You know, the belt loops were tight, but I was able to loop my 5.11 belt through the loops. Also you can always unscrew the top bolt and clip it over. Regardless the holster stayed close in and never jiggled around.

We did a few scoot and shoot, walk and kneel, etc, and the holster was always real comfortable and never moved from where I placed it.

Mag pouches, I have no clue. Honestly for my rifle class I had to swap out the mag pouches for a fobus magpouch since I ran out of real estate.

I'm sure the guys over at Patriot Concealment can work something out. I literally emailed them on a Wednesday, sent my order in Friday, got my custom built holster and mag pouches on a Monday. I also ordered some PMAG one's but I'm a little lazy to review those.

Here's a pic of me with gear in class...