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10-11-2011, 9:03 AM
I am considering getting a PPS43C to add to my collection. The ones I have seen on the market are assembled by IO inc. This is the same company who makes the casar AK. I will not be able to inspect the PPS prior to purchase, BUT the gun shop I am getting it from has a great reputation (Tracy rifle). Does anyone own a PPS by IO? Whats your verdict?
My collection is obviously Commie. When I search for Tokarev on GB, a gun called the Sterling with a side feed magazine pops up. Wasnt the Sterling originally British? I tried to look for info connecting it to Tokarev, but nothing comes up.

10-11-2011, 5:47 PM

A long time ago in a country far far away I was issued with a Sterling for a short while. Used to give me nightmares, nasty little snappy thing. Nice and compact and fun to shoot though.

10-11-2011, 6:15 PM
yep, sterling is a a Brit gun. Replaced the Sten.
Such a cool gun that even these guys used em

10-11-2011, 6:31 PM
The Sterling was designed by George Patchett during WW2 and was originally known as the Patchett gun. It evolved into the Sterling made by Sterling engineering in Dagenham (where Ford has a car plant). It was made in select fire and semi auto only versions. Sterling is out of business now. Guns are made in India, were made in Canada, and a derivitive known as the F1 made in Australia. U.S. guns have been made by PAWS in select fire and for Century in semi auto using some surplus parts from ex UK guns. The Century guns are chambered in 9mm and 7.62x25. Once apon a time I owned a genuine Sterling Mk6 in semi auto. It never functioned properly. I also shot a Sterling L2 on a range in Germany with some Brit soldiers. Fun gun and easy to control and it worked just fine.