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10-11-2011, 7:26 AM
I'm trying to figure out what ammunition to start with in a .22 Magnum bolt action rifle. Purpose is just plinking and poking holes in paper, no concerns about lethality or meat preservation. I don't plan on shooting anything other than 100 yards or less. The gun has a 22" medium barrel with 1 in 16" twist rate. Equipped with scope only, no iron sights.

I've never had any experience with .22 Magnum and am trying to pick a handfull of what would be the most inherantly accurate/stable round. If I could come up with 3 or so and then try them all out to pick the best one out of the gun I'd be happy.

This is what I'm thinking may work well and be worth a try. With such a light bullet I'm thinking the heavier the better to avoid wind issues, should that even be a concern? Also, I've heard that hollow points are less stable than a fully jacketed or round nose bullet, true/myth/negligable actual effect? Suggestions? Opinions? Advice?

1) CCI High Speed Maxi-Mag 40 Grain TMJ (1875fps MV) (strange this is the only one listed as high velocity but has a lower MV than the others)
2) Federal Champion Target 40 Grain FMJ (1910fps MV)
3) Winchester Super-X 40 Grain FMJ (1910fps MV)
4) Fiocchi 40 Grain JSP (1902fps MV)
5) Remington 40 Grain PSP (1910 fps MV)
6) Armscor Precision 40 Grain JSP (1875fps MV)

10-11-2011, 9:00 AM
I bought a bunch of Winchester Super X from Cheaper Than Dirt a bit ago and it runs great, no issues. I have a Mossberg 740T with iron sights and can easily hit small 100 yard steel.

Buy a few brands and see what shoots best if you like, or just buy some cheap stuff and have fun.

10-11-2011, 3:34 PM
Armscor and Winchester Dynapoint are about the cheapest plinking ammo. The .22 Mag is really an under appreciated round. Try them all.
Have fun.

10-11-2011, 3:39 PM
I would add the Hornady 32gn Vmax loads as well. My marlin 982VS loves them. And, they can hit (occasionally) BIG steel targets at 550 yards. :D

10-11-2011, 5:30 PM
I usually shoot the CCI 40gr Maxi-Max from Walmart. There are two versions of that one that has "Target" on the label I find shoots the best. Today I tried some Hornady 30g Vmax with the red ballistic tip. Shot very good but is more expensive (and not available locally) than the CCI which is $10.47/50, the Hornady is $13.95/50 + shipping. The Hornady is a much hotter round @ 2200 FPS. I zeroed my rifle at 50yds today with the CCI then switched to the Hornady to zero @ 100yds and the rifle was spot on with no adjustments to the scope. So the Hornady is a really flat shooting round. Switched back to the CCI and it was 2" low @ 100yds. The Hornady is a bit more accurate than the CCI (at least today) but not enough to warrant the extra cost, for me at least.

Folks on rimfirecentral.com seem to like the Fiocchi 40gr HP ammo but I have not seen any targets shot with that ammo so can't tell you what the accuracy is. They say its a pretty hot round. Heard some bad reviews on Armscor 22 Magnum, seems to be some split case issues with some of it.

I would stay clear of the Winchester Dynapoints (Walmart $8.75/50). Very inconsistent and lousy accuracy out of my rifle. I bought two boxes, fired 20 rounds and gave the rest away to a friend that likes them in his revolver. I got 3" groups @ 50 yds where the CCI gives me less than 1/" @ 50yds. Not a hard choice there.