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Gary O
10-10-2011, 2:18 PM
Hello...I live in Missouri but am contemplating a move to Calif in the Spring of 2012. Will I need to sell my Ruger Ranch Rifle before I come? Thanks...

Mr. Beretta
10-10-2011, 2:20 PM

10-10-2011, 2:22 PM
Nope and stay in Mo. this place ain't worth the drive.

10-10-2011, 5:37 PM
You can keep the rifle (assuming it's pretty much in stock form) but any magazines with more than 10 round capacity will have to be disassembled.

If your Mini-14 doesn't look like it did from the factory then post, and we can tell you what, if anything, needs to be changed. The most likely thing you might have is a flash hider, which can't be on there unless your mag is locked in.

Gary O
10-10-2011, 6:38 PM
Thanks, Phamkl....

10-10-2011, 9:25 PM
Gary, How old is your Mini? Does it have the original flash hider? Does it have the original side-folding stock?

10-10-2011, 9:33 PM
Nope and stay in Mo. this place ain't worth the drive.


If you like having your freedoms don't come to California!

10-10-2011, 9:41 PM
I'm from Missouri and while I do miss the loose gun laws, I'm never going back. The weather here is worth the move IMO.