View Full Version : WTB/WTT: for your 7mm Rem Mag or ???

10-08-2011, 7:18 AM
Looking for a 7mm Rem Mag for my best friends b-day. Something modest, he's not sophisticated enough to appreciate a BAR but a Savage or Howa or whathaveyou should suffice nicely. Should come with glass but doesn't have to. Must be a rifle, must have a good barrel, must be a 7mm Rem Mag. Everything else is optional. Dinged up stocks and scratched metal is ok.

I have some items to horse trade with. Century reveiver'd M1 garand (a nice one with adjustable gas plug installed, good muzzle, so-so throat, great wood-metal fit, lots of nice SA parts), No4 Mk1, helwan brigadier 9mm, PSE compound bow (70-120lbs pull), assorted mustang parts (96-04), corbeau seat brackets for mustang (with free GT8 seats in need of upholstery), Savage 1921 takedown (restoration project) 12ga, .50cal Hawken BP rifle (secksy) w/ double set triggers - caplock, and more.

PM me with your offerings.

I may buy the right rifle outright but the price would have to be awesome or the wife will nut me.

Ok, you say, "I don't have a 7mag. What about me?" Still interested in any other trades. I'm rebuilding a collection and an accumulation.

10-10-2011, 6:34 AM
to ta tizzle

10-13-2011, 8:19 AM