View Full Version : Surefire Classiclight 610R for 1911

10-08-2011, 3:05 AM
Just FYI for anyone who has always wanted a Surefire 610R, there's one on eBay in pristine condition.

The Surefire 310R (3 volt model) is the light mounted on LAPD SWAT member's Kimber's. They mount on 1911's that do not have an accessory rail, by means of replacing the slide stop with an extended version. The last time I saw one of these on eBay it sold for over $1,000, although it included the matching Safariland 6004 holster.


5 days left! These are few and far between, and are probably THE most collected Surefire lights. Very rare to see one for sale. I'd be nice to see it go to another calgunner :)