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10-07-2011, 9:49 PM
Not sure where else this should go if not here, so,....
Does anyone have any information if there will be anyone setup at the show providing on site engraving or laser for 80% lowers but that will have the necessary FFL and/or whatever else is necessary for the engraver to work on one that is already completed and duracoated without any engraving having been completed prior to coating?
I had information on a location in I believe it was Santa Ana but have misplaced it. If anyone has something else that can forward to me in the IE, please do..

I was searching again and this time came across an old post that mentioned a Paint Ball shop. Pretty sure that was the place that I spoke to and they 'were' in Santa Ana I think. If anyone knows of this place can you forward the info to me please. I would still like to hear of anything closer here in the IE(rancho cucamonga). thx again.

10-08-2011, 7:16 AM
i work at an ffl / ar15 mfg / gov contractor in SD
if it is still in 80% config there is no need of ffl anything (its not a gun... yet)
we do lazer engraving but only on black anodized aluminum (this is because the laser removes only the color but not the hard coat anodize. leaving the part in 2 color tones)
im not sure how duracoat will handle this process.
it is probably possible to machine (recess cut) a pattern into the 80 then re coat. (we cut the logo into the side on the last set of owr lowers then clean the part and ship it for anodize) we do this by cnc. with a small ball nose mill bit that "traces " the pattern to a depth of about 1/32-1/16 " deep

hope this helps.
if your willing to test your coated piece. i can ask my boss idk if he'll risk his nice lazer tho