View Full Version : Help with a New Product.

10-07-2011, 1:04 PM
I have an idea and prototype for a product the is targeting ar15 ownwers,recreational and LEO mostly but i think a slightly heavier duty one would be great for military.Small part that will be very affordable.

What do i do now that i have a working prototype?I want to introduce this into the market but i have no idea what to do,or who to talk to.

Do i sell the idea and prototype?
Do i apply for a patent?
Do i just take it to the range and keep having people want one and keep telling them i got it at a store (lol) but cant recall the name...

What do i do?

10-07-2011, 1:32 PM
i would apply for a patent first then start to sale it, but i have no idea and am just talking out of my ***.

10-07-2011, 1:35 PM
My recommendation, draw up a set of blueprints and submit it for a patent, while that is being processed, send another copy of the prints to a local machine shop for them to make up a number of the items. Sell them to local people, and on here, if there is a huge demand you can either continue to source the manufacturing out or you can attempt to sell the design to an established company. Try to keep ownership of the patent and a % of profits.

10-07-2011, 2:00 PM
Start a patent, then invest some money to make a batch of them then sell the batch on calguns (and other forums) for a profit. You don't need to wait for the patent to be completely approved, as we are now a "first to file" patent system.

Don't forget to get a resellers and business license, as you don't want to get in trouble with the tax man.

Take the money you made as profit and put 100% of it back into the project to make another batch, rinse, repeat.

Even if you only start with say $500, you'll quickly balloon up this way. Just don't skim any of the profits off until your money engine is making enough to pay the bills.