View Full Version : WTB: A2 Stock Parts

10-05-2011, 3:40 PM

I bought a used A2 stock off a guy here. Unfortunately, it was more used than he thought. It has the rubber backplate, and the stock screw just ripped right through it. Also, the notch on the front of the stock that keeps it straight with the upper is a bit damaged.

So, I'm looking for either/both a new backplate (metal A2 style) or a new A2 stock only.

No, I don't want a new buffer tube/rifle buffer/spring/spacer/screw/sling mount. Just a new backplate, and possibly a new stock shell.

Let me know if you've got one lying around, and what you want for it. I'm located in LA county, work in OC county. I could meet you somewhere or pay for shipping.