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10-04-2011, 4:02 PM
here's my story...


little update..

the gun is fixed and now is back to Davidsons..

however though, the store (A) that I send it out with is not receiving any firearms until further notice.. but, davidsons found me another dealer( we will call it B) and the first one (A)

my question is, I originally brought the gun from dealer (B) but they switched their locations and I didn't find out till today where their new location is. So I send my gun out from dealer (A) for repair but it won't be going back to (A) instead it will be (B)..

would I need to redo the DROS and wait 10 days? or ?


10-04-2011, 4:32 PM
If it is only being sent for repairs, as opposed to replacement, I believe you can ship it directly to the business and they can ship it directly back to you without any FFL intervention in either direction.

10-05-2011, 6:12 PM
Well, after going to the other dealer.. looks like I have to re dros and wait another 10 days... why is that?


10-05-2011, 6:30 PM
Since I don't know the "whys and wherefores" of your situation I won't even make a guess. I do know that as long as the gun is shipped by you directly to the shop for repairs and the same exact gun, with repairs, is returned directly to you, the whole shebang can be done without an FFL. The only gotcha is a case of the part with the serial number being replaced.

Perhaps one of the parties involved PREFERRED or REQUIRED that it be done through an FFL, however, it is not legally required.

10-05-2011, 6:59 PM
I guess what happens is you get good and knowledgeable advice and then you ignore it.:confused::(

You could have sent the 870 directly to Remington and if it was repaired without changing the serial number they could ship it directly back. If it is sent to an FFL you'll go through another 10 day wait.