View Full Version : Night sights for mouse guns, Why not??

Quickdraw Mcgraw
10-04-2011, 4:01 PM
Seems that most of the really small carry options have NO night sights on em?

I'm specifically gripping about the Ruger LCP an LCR, but also most airweight .38s and quite a few of the .32 caliber guns I've seen ie seecamp and berretta just don't come with even the option to add night sights.

I get that they are mostly "Get off me" guns and point shoot bla bla but I personally would like to have night sights on ALL defensive guns.

IMHO its always nice to be able to SEE your sights when your in danger and its dark out and I don't understand why these guys are not capitolizing on the extra $$ I'd pay to see in the dark. END-RANT!

10-05-2011, 7:57 AM
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JN99jshaQbY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


10-05-2011, 8:02 AM
As long as the nite sights don't cost more than the gun itself.

And as long as the gun in question isn't a Raven or Lorcin arms .25 ACP. <---- Not saying that there SHOULDN'T be nite sights for these guns, just that it is grossly cost-ineffective and I would never go for it.

Nite sights for a Phoenix Arms HP-22 would be awesome though :thumbsup:

10-05-2011, 8:10 AM
I would think a laser might be more effective than night sights on an LCP. I think the reason there's no night sights available is the fact that you don't really aim with tiny guns. You point shoot.

10-05-2011, 8:14 AM
Well, mice do come out at night, so why not put night sights on a mouse gun:)

My SIG P232 came with might sights. However some of the smaller guns have front sights that are machined in, and very often either no rear sight, or a mere notch cut into the frame. And as mentioned, they are considered more of a point and shoot type of weapon. But really, I don't see any reason NOT to have them on smaller carry weapons.

10-05-2011, 8:52 AM
Point and shoot. Maybe an XS style front sight, but no reason for a 3 dot set up.

Bug Splat
10-05-2011, 9:41 AM
Mouse guns have low profile sights and are designed for pocket carry with their smooth edges so they don't hang when drawn. Shooting beyond 10 yards is very doubtful with a mouse gun. Its very much a point and shoot at point-blank range. Night sights would have to be TINY if on a mouse gun. So tiny that you would not be able to see much anyway. Train your muscles to point instinctively at your target. Keep you eyes locked on your target and fire. If you can't hit center mass without using your sights at 7 yards you need to practice more.

Only true "mouse gun" I have seen with Night Sights is the Kahr P380.

Quickdraw Mcgraw
10-05-2011, 10:43 AM
The only nice mouse I can find with night sights is the Kahr p380 an that baby costs more than some of the AR`15's people are putting together.
I sure would like to be able to make accurate shots in the dark with this lil LCP!!!

So I came across this company online that puts one front NIGHT-sight and then mills in a nice rear sight for my LCP, at around $140 it's not cheap, but not terrible either. Anyone delt with http://innovativearms.com/id15.html befor?

Looks pretty awsome to me!!

10-05-2011, 11:38 AM
Invest in a flashlight so you can see your target.

10-05-2011, 12:49 PM
Does nobody sell just the little tritium vial / insert thing? If you could get just the insert, you could drill space for it in your front sight and epoxy it in there yourself. (and I do like / prefer the idea of having only the front sight glowing for SD purposes at night)

Like this! Check out the tactical radial inserts at the bottom: http://www.mbmicrotec.com/en/products/inserts ....but there has to be a source for these in the US... maybe one of the sight manufacturers would sell just an insert?

10-05-2011, 1:30 PM
Invest in a flashlight so you can see your target.

This. If you can't see the sights in front of you. You can't ID the target.

c3 rolling
10-05-2011, 7:30 PM
I wanted to have night sights installed on my LCP but then realized my glock 26 night sights snag my pockets when drawn. It would be a nice option if Ruger would mill out some dovetails or offer a night sight variant.