View Full Version : TA11 and TA31 on Mid length FSB rifle

10-01-2011, 10:14 AM
I'm posting this because I went through this when trying to decide which ACOG to buy. I ended up with a TA11 first because of the versatility of the eye relief. I liked the ACOG so much I wanted another for a different rifle, but did not want two of the same. I went ahead and picked up a used TA31 to try it out. The big question I always had was how does the sight picture look with a Mid FSB and every time someone shows a pic, it always did not look how it looks in real life, because the camera focuses differently that the human eye. What I also realized when I first got my TA11 was that every picture I took, it focused differently on the fsb. I kept taking pictures until I got what was the closest to actually looking through the optic with your eye looks like (with my eyes and in my opinion), and you still see the FSB in the pic more than in real life. For those of you who can't see what each look like in real life....here you go. The FSB are still darker in the pics that in real life, they are more transparent even than the TA31 pic.



As far as use, the TA11 has about twice the eye relief of the TA31, which feels much more versatile. My disclaimer is that I haven't actually fired with the TA31 yet, just pointing it out my window into my backyard. But...being that the TA31 has less eye relief, I feel that the BAC might be easier to do since I can pull my head back out of eye relief range and not have my right eye try to focus into the scope picture. I'll report on this when I get it to the range.