View Full Version : A good offense is the best defense... was our thought.

09-30-2011, 3:06 PM
It was a Sunday afternoon late one June,
settin on the porch with pa.
He gave 'n a sigh and made 'n a scowl,
'n spittin a spitoon with his chaw.

He looked at me 'n say 'n to me,
he said just two words 'n frown'd.
All he said was just two words,
'n his eyes went to the ground.

Now a son can tell when pa is miffed,
cause he's a feel'n like he got a fool'd.
The truth is here that pa is mad,
cause I got'n me a somethin reeeal cool.

It was a Mundy afternoon late one May,
search'n me out a new rifle just fer fun.
I got to stopp'n by a Riflegear,
'n fixin to get'n me a new gun.

I look'd 'nside a my trouser pockets,
to see'n what all I could pay.
To my chagrin and to a my shock,
I had but $132 to my name.

So I look'd to the man across the glass,
and shewn 'im the same face pa gave to me.
I says to him "I got me jest $132",
"I'll jest look around and y'all kin leave me be."

The young man behind the counter there,
smiled wide and hand'd to mine.
A shiny new AR lower receiver,
n this'n priced at just ninety'nine.

I bought me that day one lower receiver,
two magazines, a lock, 'n a root beer.
It's name is fierce and written hence,
"Aggressor" made by Riflegear.

So late one June Sunday afternoon,
while pa 'n I was chew'n that dip.
We're settin there with my new rifle,
me a point'n at the dog from the hip.

'N pa looks'n at 'n says'n to me,
"Don't point that rifle at Ol' Blue!"
"'N next time you sees somethin that cool for 99,
makes sures you at least gonna buy two!"

Riflegear is proud to present the new Riflegear Aggressor lower receiver. This is made of the same forged aluminum that all the best quality lowers are made of, blasted and hard anodized to a super strong, solid black finish, and includes extras like forward grip surface, magwell flare, and takedown lug buffer. For just $99 plus tax and DROS fees, these new lowers have low series serial numbers and make a great fit with our Riflegear upper receivers. Check it out here at Riflegear.com (http://www.riflegear.com/p-1190-riflegear-aggressor-forged-stripped-lower-receiver.aspx). Black Friday is not long off, Christmas is coming, those Zombies are just over the horizon!