View Full Version : NRA Armscare Insurance-Anyone file claim?

09-30-2011, 2:24 PM
I recently started a thread about a good friend of mine, his name is Mitch, getting his entire safe stolen.
Mitch was way under-insured for the loss of the guns. I knew that Mitch was an NRA Member. I asked him if he ever activated his NRA 'Armscare' insurance, since the coverage was now up to $2,500.00. He could not remember, so he called the NRA insurance Phone # to see if the policy was activated. The 'Armscare' employees were not much help. They did not seem to have any idea how to process a claim, much less verify eligibility. They finally referred Mitch to the NRA Membership number. The NRA clams Mitch never activated the insurance.
Mitch tells me that he was not very impressed with the 'Armscare' dept. He is not sure they would pay a claim if he had activated it.
This concerns me because I rely on the 'Armscare' Insurance for part of my coverage.
Has anyone on CG ever filed a claim for a loss with Armscare?
If yes, what was your experience?