View Full Version : Holster Cross-fit Question

09-28-2011, 6:09 PM
OK. Old-fashioned guy from the country here. Typically open carry 90%+ of anywhere I ever go and no one cares. This IS North Louisiana. So, I have a bit of a newbie question on holster cross-fit. I have an IWB holster for a sig pro (2022) that fits a CZ 75C PCR perfectly except it's not very snug on the width. All of my other holsters have tension screw adjustments, shoulder holster clamp springs, thumb-break snaps, or old-fashioned leather thongs over the hammer. The holster in question is a Blackhawk.
--Is it normal for it to be a little loose laterally until you put it under a belt? As far as I know, my CZ is the same width as the Sig pro, but I'm not sure if that applies in the same areas since I've never owned that model Sig.
--Even better question... anybody own both and tried them in other holsters? Are they cross-compatible for thumb-break holsters?