View Full Version : educate a noob re: night vision

09-28-2011, 5:23 PM
so i wanted to get into night vision so i purchased a used nait viper gen 3. old style housing but supposedly decent tube. it takes c mount lenses. right now it has a 75 mm f1.3 lens. if i wanted to try to use it head mounted or something, would it be better to go with like a 50 mm lens? does it matter? i am not very wise when it comes to this stuff. also, would things like the eye piece be interchangeable? i know switching out the whole housing is like 1000 bones, but im wondering how i can improve it/make it lighter/upgrade it. any and all info is much appreciated!

10-05-2011, 12:43 PM
If I remember correctly, the viper was a rifle scope, with crosshairs etched on to the NV tube. Correct me if I'm wrong.

A 75mm c-mount lense will give you a 3 power scope. 50mm will be 2 power and 25mm will be 1 power. 25mm will be much smaller and lighter than either a 50mm or especially a 75mm. "One" power is what you want for head mounted.

I would not use the viper headmounted, as thats alot of weight hanging off your head. NAIT makes a hand held/head mountable unit called the NVPS-10. It's a great hand held, but a little heavy for head mounted.

If you want some thing head mountable, you need something light. Any thing else will wear you out if you wear it for long periods. Get a PVS-14 or something similar, thats small and light weight.

I don't know what kind of tube they use in the viper, but if it's a 18mm, MX-10160 type, you could get a new housing similar to the PVS-14 from AB Night Vision. It's called the NVM-2AA. It's nice, small and would perform well.

Good luck.