View Full Version : First Handgun Choices

09-27-2011, 1:02 AM
Hey Guys,

Went out to the range the other day to test out a few handguns and narrow down the field of contenders. The range I went to didn't have any kind of flat rate rentals so I didn't get a chance to shoot all my options, but I did get to shoot the Glock 17, the CZ 75, the Baby Eagle/Jericho 941 and the Sig X5.

That said, let me go from worst to best.

The X5 jammed twice in two clips. FTFs on both counts. Screw that gun.
The Glock felt really solid, but I shot like **** with it.
The CZ75 felt good and I was hitting center mass with rapid clip dumps every time.
The Baby Eagle [i]felt[i] the best in my hand, but I couldn't really tell if I was shooting any better with it than the CZ75.

That said, the guys at the range warned me that the Baby Eagle isn't available anymore (which from what I read isn't entirely true) and that parts are way harder to find for it than the CZ 75. I think I'd be happy with both, but in addition to the aesthetics of the Baby Eagle (best looking gun ever IMO), the ergonomics are outstanding. So is the Baby Eagle feasible in CA, or at all? Or should I just get a CZ? I also felt the EAA Witness (though I didn't shoot it), and liked how much the beavertail extended. Just felt very stable. Any thoughts on those?

Thanks a lot in advance.