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09-26-2011, 12:24 PM
Hello, I'm looking for an operating slide assembly for my Winchester model 77 clip feed. Any help would be great!

09-26-2011, 12:50 PM
wrong section; place your request in the "WTB (Want To Buy)" section.

welcome to the forum.

SoCal Bob
09-26-2011, 2:12 PM
Welcome to Calguns. I didn't look at all the parts available but did you look here?: http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Products.aspx?catid=7730

Dang it, just looked and it says sold out. You might also check on RimfireCentral.com to see if anyone there has any parts or knows a source. Good luck.

Wicked Pete
09-26-2011, 3:29 PM
Welcome. You're headed in the right direction. Lots of resources here on CGN.

09-26-2011, 5:00 PM
Welcome aboard. Good luck on your search.

09-26-2011, 5:16 PM