View Full Version : Glock 30sf...Yes, My next purchase

09-25-2011, 7:54 PM
Love the feel of it. Yet, I haven't shot one. Currently awaiting my gssf discount voucher before the purchase. Let's hear some wholesome goodness from those who own one. Thanks in advance...

09-25-2011, 8:02 PM
I have a non sf OD G30. It's my favorite pistol and the one that stays within arms reach while at home

09-25-2011, 8:02 PM
Love mine
so does my daughter.

09-25-2011, 8:12 PM
Recently bought a 30SF as a companion to my 21SF. Great pistol....you'll like it!

09-25-2011, 8:18 PM
I've got a 19 and absolutely love it. I want a nearly compact Glock in 45acp and the 30SF fits the bill. It actually feels better in my hand then the 19. I've got a 1911, But need a faithful Glock in the lords caliber of choice!

09-25-2011, 9:28 PM
I own many GLOCKS and really love my Glock 30OD. I have big hands and prefer the regular frame. :)

She runs 100%, has an extended barrel (so I can run my reloads) extended magazines (13 round) and a 4.5 pound connector.

a very accurate weapon. I would buy it again if I had to do it over.

Have Fun...!



09-25-2011, 9:53 PM
my Glocks are 9mm; G19 and G26.

i have no experience with the G30SF... but i'd take Bob's word for it.

09-26-2011, 8:06 AM
mine shoots great!

09-26-2011, 8:15 AM
Love mine! I'm sure you'll love it too

09-26-2011, 8:15 AM
You won't be disappointed!

09-26-2011, 8:20 AM
Great sidearm. Was my first Glock

09-26-2011, 8:23 AM
Stoked on the positive feedback, The 30SF sounds like a perfectly balanced compact 45 that wont let me down.

09-26-2011, 8:35 AM
Soft shooting and combat accurate. Considering that it is a 45acp and holds 10 rounds, it is light and compact. Also, its a Glock so it will fire everytime! I don't consider myself to have big hands but the regular non SF fits my hands just right.

Swift Justice
09-26-2011, 11:21 AM
The 30SF is my next purchase, doesn't seem to be much bigger than the 26 that I daily carry.

09-26-2011, 11:34 AM
I don't have a 30SF but I do have the 21SF and it feels awesome. I have small/medium hands and this feels...just slightly too big for me but I still love the gun. I never thought I'd be a Glock owner and never liked them when I rented them at the ranges but after fondling brand new ones, it just doesn't do it justice and I finally bought one. I'm glade I made my purchase. I don't know if I can call myself a Glock guy now but I know I do like them now

09-26-2011, 11:39 AM
I like to think of Glocks as raw of a handgun can be. Everything pretty much just right without all the bling. Low bore axis, light weight, high grip hold, easy take down, low maintenance, one of the best factory slide finish, short trigger reset, high capacity in other states, easy to fix, and the price is ridiculously cheap

09-26-2011, 5:46 PM
The G30SF is awesome! The only other polymer 45 I ever loved was the HK45.

09-26-2011, 6:14 PM
I have a G30 and it shoots nice. Felt recoil is less than a 1911.

09-27-2011, 7:24 AM
Just bought a 36 and was thinking about getting a 30sf lower and just swapping the slide...not sure why but maybe just because I can?

09-27-2011, 12:54 PM
Just received my discount card, Literally took 5 days. I wasn't expecting that. Looks like I'll be DROS'n my 30SF on Thursday!!!

09-27-2011, 1:15 PM
I got to borrow a glock 30 and liked it alot. I loved how accurately i could shoot it. I recently fondled a G30SF and need to have it! I love my G19, but the G30SF might be just the breath of fresh air im looking for in my hobby.

09-27-2011, 1:24 PM
The Glock 30SF recoil is surprisingly manageable, given its relatively small size and light weight. 10 + 1 of 45 Auto is nothing to sneeze at. The gun is pretty blocky and probably doesn't suit small handed shooters too well.

I rarely shoot mine though, as I get greater enjoyment shooting my 45 Auto ammo out of my 1911s.

09-27-2011, 1:27 PM
Just bought a 36 and was thinking about getting a 30sf lower and just swapping the slide...not sure why but maybe just because I can?

How are you going to DROS a Glock lower?

09-27-2011, 1:29 PM
I have shot a G30 (not SF) and it was great. If I didn't love my 1911 and wanted a glock in .45 I would get one. However, I tend to be partial to 9mm glocks. Either way, it's a great gun!

09-27-2011, 2:38 PM
Same process as with any gun. How are you going to DROS a Glock lower?

09-29-2011, 2:58 PM
Purchased my first ever Glock today, a brand new Glock30SF.
I'll be picking her up in 10 days, then hitting a range to start learning the boundaries of our relationship.