View Full Version : Torrance Turners consignment Colts

09-24-2011, 5:57 PM
Thought I'd post in case anyone was looking. Torrance Turners has a few Colts in their consignment case that looked interesting. I did not handle them, just saw them through the glass so I can't speak to quality though they all seemed to be pretty nice.

Colt Delta Elite 10mm, $900(I think)
Colt Cobra snubby(older model) .38 Spl, $400
Colt Official Police 6" taper barrel .38 Spl, $350

09-25-2011, 9:19 AM
Thanks for the info.

All colts still there at 10:08AM... Blued DE with light idiot mark. 900.00... would have bought if SST, was not too interested in blued gun.

Also had a S&W Mod. 39 for 300.00, Mod 5906(i think) for 450.00

As of this afternoon (9/26/11) all colts and S&W 39 are no longer in the showcase