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09-24-2011, 3:20 PM
I picked my Defender up at AmmoBros this morning and went to meet a coworker/buddy at Bass Pro Shops, ate and went to Magnum Indoor range.

It's kinda dark in there, not sure if that's the mood lighting but it could have used a few more ceiling lights.

Suffice to say I ran the little circle target sheet all the way to the end of the range and loaded up the Defender (.45acp). I shot at the first target and was about 2 inches low.

Thinking it was me I took out my Glock 30 (.45acp) and 10rds dead center, same distance same target.

I moved back to the Defender and picked another circle, same results... low 2 or more inches.

Now I'm thinking, OK I'm flinching and not wanting to get spiked int he head with the rounds from the Defender. so I shoot and again, low for 2 magazines.

My HK USP 9mm drilled the center out of a target at the end of the range as well. Every round tightly grouped in the center.


I like the gun, overall made well.. not liking the plastic trigger or backstrap, it looks plastic! The gun is lighter than my Glock 30 and while they have the same barrel length, overall the gun is shorter for some reason. Aside from that it's a beautiful gun.


It shoots great and I think a large portion of the shooting low is ME not being used to it, trigger pull etc.... I'm gonna hold out and reserve accuracy judgment till I get more rounds down the barrel.

I wasn't too happy getting pegged in the head with 5-6 rounds but assume that is fixable? My glock doesn't spit them at my forehead but again I'll reserve judgement till later.


Overall I'm pleased with it... a couple cosmetic changes (trigger and backstrap), maybe more rounds to get used to the trigger and gun overall to be more accurate.


My buddy and I took turns shooting the .38 Special 4" Derringer...

Holy crap does that have a kick... hahahaha it was not very accurate but it wasn't designed for anything but up close and personal. In a pinch with someone on top of you, it would be perfect. Fun to shoot never the less.

09-24-2011, 7:46 PM
I assume your talking about a Colt defender. If the shells are shooting back at you and not to the right, that sounds like the extracter needs to be tuned.

09-24-2011, 8:55 PM
The changes I made to my Defender were a stainless trigger with overtravel, Wilson grip & thumb safety, old style Commander hammer and a Champion adjustable rear sight. I like the Champion because the entire rear of the sight moves, not just an interior blade.

09-24-2011, 8:59 PM
Yes the Colt Defender and the shells were going back and to the right... just above my right eye smack dab against my forehead.

I'll drop a few more rounds through it and then see if someone can work some magic on it along with some of the same parts dfletcher did.