View Full Version : Temecula Rod Run Oct. 14 & 15

09-22-2011, 11:19 PM
Although we normally do not post an event like this outside of the Community Forums, this is a special instance. The Temecula Rod Run has been a bi-annual event in Temecula for years and is usually seen by 60K people over the two day event.

We have a booth sign up for this event similar to our gun show sign ups throughout the state and they are generally restricted to the Community forums as stated. Other than me being the coordinator for both days and one member working on Friday, the 14th, we have had no one else sign up.

This event, as can be seen by the title, is a pre 1974 vehicle hot rod show and has attendees from out of state in addition throughout this state. During our attendance there the first time we had an amazing response from the public. We were literally the only booth of our kind. As people were walking down the main street oogling the fantastic vehicles and then saw our firearm display, you could almost see their eyes pop out of their heads! They made an immediate bee line for the booth to examine the firearms brought by the volunteers from Calguns working the booth.

In the aftermath, I was advised from both the organizer and the Riverside Sheriff's Dept. (who I coordinated with), that they had not received one negative comment about us. Temecula is known as a conservative city, so we felt we would be warmly received and we were.

The organizer has generously once again offered us this opportunity to have a booth and once again, has waived the substantial $450 fee.

Next year, due to the economy, this event will only be held in the Spring. The competition for a spot will be stiffer and if we cancel due to an insufficient number of members to man the booth, I would assume obtaining a spot next Spring will be difficult, if not impossible.

I am requesting that anyone who has the time, wants to represent Calguns in a positive light, plus be able to see some fantastic hot rods, please go to the link below and sign up to help out. Please do not let any lack of experience from working one keep you from doing so. Both Eat Dirt (he is working Friday) and I can explain what we do; it is not difficult at all. We do not have much time before the event and I do not want to advise them we will have to cancel. Thank you.