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09-22-2011, 10:43 PM
Will be inheriting this from my father in-law [in a few days] and have a couple of questions due to it's age . . . it's only 2 years younger than myself AND I know how I feel at times ;)

It was his first service gun and he has not fired it in a very very long time, so I am thinking a good cleaning/lube is in order. Any other recommendations?

Ammo - I see 130gr, 132gr, 147gr, 150gr and 110gr +P - any issues with these and the age of the gun?



09-23-2011, 4:50 AM
I would avoid any +P ammunition and use standard pressure .38 special ammunition.
It is available as full metal jacket, lead round nose, semi and flat wad cutters, and semi-jacketed hollow points.

Yes a good cleaning and lubrication would be in order. Probably not a bad idea to have it checked by a local guns smith than can give it an internal check and lube.

09-23-2011, 5:41 AM
Sorry to for your lost. Prayers to you and your family.

Your F-I-L is leaving you a nice piece. Be sure to say thanks while you still can.

09-23-2011, 11:30 AM
LOL - should have been clearer . . . F-I-L is still alive and kicking! :)

He's a retired Berkeley Cop and just has no big desire to have guns
around any more. Having had a couple of incidents of looking down
the wrong end of the barrel . . . he's happy to be done with this
tool of the trade.

I will thank him for sure!!!


09-23-2011, 12:01 PM
Beautiful gun . . .

El Gato
09-23-2011, 12:20 PM
Most cool....except for how you got it, gut then that's what makes it special anyway...

I have one exactly like it only more worn...

mine is marked "BPD" for the bakersfield police dept and is only .38 spl.....
it has untold thousands of rounds through it and is a "real trooper" in the sense that it just keeps plugging along...

I'm in the process of fixing a few small parts and putting a set of stocks on it.. instead of the rubber pach's on it now... thinking of going stag with a tyler t grip...that's some old school cool... for sure..and maybe a trip to colt for a re-blue...

09-23-2011, 4:39 PM
Congratulations on your "inheritance" and thanks to your F-I-L for his service. Berkeley PD in the 60's and 70's had it's moments for sure and he's probably got a million stories.

I'd wager that a thorough cleaning and a light lube is all that Trooper will need. It's an 'I' frame gun, same as a Python and the ill-fated but virtually identical ".357" model, so it's plenty robust. This gun should shoot standard pressure .38 ammo all day long and accurately for the next several lifetimes, and stoking it with +P ammo for defensive purposes almost certainly won't hurt it. Speer Gold Dot and Hornady Critical Defense both have very good +P loads for personal defense.

You might want to read through the revolver checkout thread that is stickied in this forum. It will give you a good base of knowledge to evaluate it's condition and function.

ETA: Take good care of the grips. Original Colt wood target stocks are getting harder and harder to find.

09-23-2011, 6:42 PM
Interesting revolver , My brother retired from Berkley PD about 10 years ago