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09-21-2011, 9:15 PM
I didn't see them on the California list.... does this mean my odds of getting one are pretty slim? or can they be classified as collector pieces and brought in legally?

Lets just say I don't see them on Davidsons online.


09-21-2011, 9:19 PM
Been watchin' the ol' Death Wish, eh?

09-21-2011, 9:24 PM
If it is new and not on the list, your not likey to get one hear legally. I assume your reffering to the Dirty Harry "Sudden Impact" style pistol?

09-21-2011, 9:53 PM
No.. I was referring to the one from Death Wish.

I've always wanted once since I saw that movie when I was a kid, the day it came out at the Stonybrook Drive-in, back in Pennsylvania.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a .44 automag but the Wildey is also a lovely handcanon.

09-21-2011, 9:58 PM
I bought one in the 475 mag and sold it on here. Probably one of the most finicky guns I have ever owned. I only kept it about 9 months. I always wanted one too since death wish. Expensive, but has the cool factor.

09-22-2011, 8:23 AM
There have been a few through the classifieds. Keep your eyes open. I saw one not long ago... (within the last month or so)

Ergo the Qualmed
09-22-2011, 8:25 AM
Apparently their sales peak slightly every time that movie(s) is carried by a major network. Or so the legend goes...

hehe "that movies is carried"

09-22-2011, 8:25 AM
call Fountain Valley Turners. They had one (consignment) when I was there a few months ago and it wasn't on turners website

09-22-2011, 8:30 AM
They are out of business.

09-22-2011, 11:45 AM
They are out of business.


That I didn't know.