View Full Version : New Frontier - Thank you!

09-21-2011, 7:28 PM
I had to fly to Las Vegas today for work, which meant I hopped a plane and flew out, had a meeting and then had a couple of hours to kill. I texted a buddy of mine who works at New Frontier Armory, to find out that he was working his regular job today and wouldn't be at New Frontier, nor would he be able to meet up for lunch. Bummed, I decided to visit the store anyways and since 99% of my shopping experiences with gun stores have been in Kommiefornia, it was refreshing to see all of the things available at the shop that we are disallowed from owning here.

The professionals at New Frontier Armory treated me with respect from the moment I walked in. When I told them that I was a good friend of one of their employees, their demeanor didn't change from the friendly and accepting tone that was there when I first walked in. They were happy to let me handle anything I wanted, all of which are illegal here in Kommiefornia.

I was amazed to see so many police officers in the store (I counted eight while I was there). I spoke to a few of them, and they seemed far more relaxed than our law enforcement here.

Thanks guys, for making me feel so welcome in your establishment!
I'll definitely be back!