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09-21-2011, 7:34 AM
I am in san Diego. Was wondering who carries hi point firearms. Looking to buy C9 pistol also the 45 pistol and the 45 carbine at a good deal.

09-21-2011, 7:40 AM
As far as I know, the .45 pistol is not in the roster in CA. Only the 9mm and the .380
If you want a .45 you have to buy used from someone that brought it over here legally. It can also be done through the single shot conversion but it would cost twice the price of the pistol and if I remember correctly there is something about it being a blow back that makes it a lot harder to do it. (Don't quote on that)

09-21-2011, 8:31 AM
thanks for the info. i would still be interested in the 9mm pistol and the carbine

09-21-2011, 1:13 PM
Turner's Outdoorsman puts the C9 on sale quite often for $149.99. They also offer the carbine with a bullet button installed.

09-22-2011, 8:48 AM
i would like to find one for around 100$ the pistol of course

09-24-2011, 9:43 AM
anyone selling a used one out there?:)

09-26-2011, 8:45 AM

10-05-2011, 10:11 AM
Got a c9, looking for a 45 now and a carbine