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09-19-2011, 3:02 PM

I have two SOE chest rigs for sale. While I am very pleased with these items and they are still in practically new condition, they are way overkill for me when I go out to shoot; I use a microrig these days.

I am in northern California in Santa Clara County and I prefer paypal and shipping items out via USPS. Face to face is also another option within 20 miles as I work full time and I am a part time student. Prices are $10 less for face to face. Please PM me questions and concerns regarding my items, I will do my best to describe them.

In my descriptions, I use terms that I feel most people are familiar with to convey information on scale in terms of what can be carried. I am a law abiding citizen and I shoot rifles out of state where laws allow particular equipment to be owned and used and I do not illegally take such equipment back with me.

1.) SOE Mookie War rig Lite 8 magazine OD chest rig $120 shipped
-this item has 4 sewn on magazine pouches on the center that each can hold 2 STANAG, PMAG, or similarly sized items. The sides have PALS grids that measure 4 channels wide, 3 channels tall for additional items. The body of the chest rig has an admin compartment via zipper on the body side that is lined with loop velcro. Comes with a slim padded fully adjustable H harness. Purchased 2009, used lightly for outdoor shooting and airsoft but has been kept clean and dirt free and absolutely no wear marks

2.) SOE NSW PALS chest rig $220 shipped
-this item has 6 built in magazine pouches that can fit STANAG, PMAG, or AK magazines, bullets up or down. The pouches sit behind the PALS grid on the face and are lined with loop velcro so that the user may use ahdesive velcro tape on their mags and not run any additional retention. Bungees are not included, however a slim padded H harness is including. In addition to 6 magazine slots, the chest rig has on its body side a velcro lined admin compartment, and the face is covered in PALS webbing. The rig is also reinforced with scuba webbing to give it additional rigidity so the user may attach heavier equipment on the rig without it bending or sagging.


01-20-2012, 7:21 AM
Do you still have the nsw pals rig? Very interested. willdonn@live.com