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09-19-2011, 12:56 PM
I had a blast with some friends yesterday, several where looking for handgun and asking which one or what to buy so I called up some other friends who had said models and various others to try out and we headed out to let the newbies try out some guns. I find I get alot of questions by other people who are just starting to shoot pistols when I am at the range and I found the best way to answer is to let them pop off some rounds. Like yesterday for example, 3 guys came who thought they new what they wanted, one was set on a glock, the other and xd, and one on a sig sauer, with my other friends showing up with their handguns we had a good litte list to pick from
1. glock 19
2. glock 17
3. xd40
4. xdm9 3.8
5. Sig 229(40,9)
6. Sig 226 (40,9)
7. HK USP40
8. HK45c
9. GP100 (357)
10. Colt 1911
11. Kimber Raptor 45
12. STI 1911 9mm

As I was having fun with alot of my friends I realized this would be a great way here for us pistol guys to get together every once and awhile and get a chance to try out a new gun. Personally, I actually for the first time ever enjoyed a GLOCK 19, but I never had the chance to spend an hour or more with it. Just was wondering what you guys thought? Maybe once a month or every two get a group together so those who do not know what they want can try it out. Because everyone who "knew" what kinda guy they where left with different idea's. Its also a great opportunity to take and shoot the gun you think you want, and then put 10 rounds threw the closest in the competition and see what you think... Again, sadly, Ill probably be getting a Glock 19..:facepalm:.so beware of attending an event if we ever get one going LOL

09-19-2011, 4:12 PM
Sounds like a great idea. U can usually try out somethimg new with a friend but having a selection like that would be great.