View Full Version : Three sets of Trigger locks for sale.

09-18-2011, 8:09 PM
I am trying to get all of my trigger locks set to the same key and have a few keyed-alike sets I don't need any longer.

I have 2 Shotlock 5000 trigger locks that are keyed alike, with 3 keys: $10 plus shipping. My camera is down but they look like the ones pictured at the following link: http://www.shotlocks.com/5000/5000.htm

I also have 1 three-pack of Masterlock trigger locks that I THOUGHT were keyed the same as the three individual trigger locks I bought at the same time. It turns out the # P250 was clear, but the other code was P259 and the bottom of the 9 is faint. I didn't realize this until I finished my roadtrip and opened them.

I will sell them as the original three-pack and the three individual ones I will sell as a set of three also. The three pack is like the ones at the following website: http://www.masterlock.com/products/product_details.jsp?lockStyle=null&typeOfEnvironment=null&lockUpValue=null&category=GunLocks_TriggerLocks&modelNumber=MLCOM_PRODUCT_90TRISPT
The three individual locks that are all keyed the same are like the one at the following website: http://www.masterlock.com/product_details/GunLocks_TriggerLocks/90KADSPT

Again, $10 plus shipping for 2 Shotlock triggerlocks. $15 plus shipping for each set of 3 Masterlock triggerlocks. Paypal or moneyorder accepted.

reply with a 'dibs' that identifies which set you want and then PM me. I will be using the time-stamp of 'dibs' posted to determine who gets what. Keep in mind that I also am listing this on a couple of other forums. Again, I will use date/time of 'dibs' responses.

If all three are 'dibed' from this website before anyone does a 'dibs' on the others, then all three go to people on this website. I will log into each website to identify when one is already claimed, but I don't live on the internet. It is quite possible I won't log in to change the status for 24 hours. Not likely, but possible.

They are all in good shape [masterlocks completely new], and have been on firearms that were in cases only, so no scratching I can see.