View Full Version : GUN Parts - Ak Draco, Hk, Pistol Mag, Flash Hider Etc

09-18-2011, 9:31 AM
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Like new Ultimak Mount modified handguards for Draco AK. First pic show how it would look after it's put on. All parts included, top and bottom handguards. $160 shipped

Like new B Square AK receiver mount, will fit Norinco AKs. $20 shipped

Used HK lower for MP5 & HK93 and similar clones, clipped and pinned. $45 shipped

New AGP polymer foldable stock comes with all handwares, can be install on Draco AK pistol or AR15 for SBR conversion. $105 shipped

Like New 2 Magpul AFG gen1, one is airsoft clone the other is real. Clone $15 shipped Real $20 shipped

Excellent condition AK 24mm negative thread fake can made of aluminum $35 shipped

Used Sig 556 factory flash hider $25 shipped

Like New Set of 3 rail covers $15 shipped

New Wilson 1911 Gov. stainless 7rds .45 mag $20 shipped