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09-17-2011, 10:55 AM
Well, it's a sad day..

Selling my beloved Stowline gun locker.. it has served me well over the last 30 years, but I recently needed more room to store ammo so it was replaced with a Stack-On 14-gun cabinet.

Yep, this was my first gun locker and I bought it back in high school.. since then it's held a ton of guns and 10 years ago it was moved to ammo storage when I bought an actual safe.

Now being 30 years old has it's benefits.. first of all it's made in the USA (Kent, WA to be exact) and as such it is very well made.

In fact this 7-gun cabinet weighs at least double what my Stack-On 14 gun units weighs in at.. it's sad but it makes the Stack-On feel like a cheap POS from China.. oh wait.. lol

But I need space and the low grade Stack On is fine for holding ammo.

So, you have no need to hide your firearms under the bed or in the attic.. simply bolt this down and you at least have some security.

Locker has one metal shelf with a hole for really long guns and one door organizer.. of course it is fully lined in period correct pimpalicious blue velvet (yes, it was a factory option for those high rollers in the early 80s) and it still has its OEM foam pads with 30+ years of patina.

Lock is a high-quality MEDECO piece, but there is just one key so you'll want to hit up a locksmith for a spare.

Measurments are 9x18x56.5

As a bonus I've never died while owning this so I'm pretty sure it can be considered lucky, ever might I say "charmed" ..

Yours for the low price of $60 or Best Offer.. or go buy pay $100+ for less sturdy gun locker that still smell of the soup cans it was recycled from.

Located in Yorba Linda and I can drop it off locally..



09-17-2011, 3:40 PM
That was fast.. I need higher prices.. :)

Sold to kduly