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09-15-2011, 9:48 PM
In case you are not on Bud's email mailing list...here is their new feature.

I like it, takes away a lot of work from contacting a FFL, and shows FFL's last reported transfer fee :)

09-15-2011, 10:12 PM
That has been there forever.

09-16-2011, 12:13 AM
LoL, I never saw it :facepalm:

I just got the email...

Due to California's requirement of obtaining a Centralized List Number directly from each FFL dealer, we were previously unable to extend our "Preferred Dealer" invitation to dealers in your state. However, we are now able to accommodate the CFLC requirements and include California dealers in our Preferred FFL Dealer network. We actually added 45 new Preferred Dealers in California the first day alone !

We are VERY pleased to now include California dealers, and all our California customers, in the convenience of our Preferred Dealer network. When choosing a Preferred Dealer from our list, you will no longer need to contact the dealer to arrange a firearm transfer. Each Preferred Dealers transfer service and rate* has been pre-approved for all Bud's customers, and each have also agreed to accept all incoming transfers of California approved firearms purchased on www.budsgunshop.com Completion and approval of all state and federal transfer documents will still be required to take possession of any new or used firearm from your local dealer.
* due to multiple fees for services exclusive to the state of CA, you may want to contact your local dealer on your initial order to confirm their total fees for transferring a firearm.

When searching for FFL dealers in your local area, our Preferred Dealers will appear in green at the top of the list. We are just now extending "Preferred" invitations to your local dealers, so the process of building a significant dealer network in California will take some time. However, please feel free to recommend your local dealer to us as being Preferred, or have them contact us directly with their interest in becoming Preferred, by simply emailing us here or faxing their request/FFL to 1-800-804-5569.

As you can see from the single example below, using 90210 as the zip code search area, we already have eight (8) Preferred Dealers within a 25 mile radius of 90210. Please feel free to try the search for your local zip code and see if there is a Bud's Preferred Dealer near you !

We are very pleased to now include all our customers in California in this convenient and hassle free transfer program !

Your friends at Team Buds !

This email has been sent to you because you have opened an account on BudsGunShop.com and have chosen to receive emails from us. If you wish to opt out of future emails or feel you received this email in error please click HERE to be removed from our list. After logging into your account uncheck the "Newsletter Box" and click "Continue".

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