View Full Version : WTB: Local AR 15 minor gunsmith assembly

09-14-2011, 12:02 PM
I am looking for a local member, who has access to a vice, AR 15 receiver block (to hold receiver), torque wrench, level and a "no go" head space gauge. I am willing to pay to use your equipment or have you do the work with my supervision.
I need to replace a receiver, and all that is needed to to take off a barrel nut (torqued at 35lbs with moly grease, recent build, should come off with no problems.) and replace with another receiver. I am in the Inland empire area, and looking for local or San Diego area member who can assist me and make some easy money.
Probably the whole operation should not take more than 20 mins or so.

Please email me @Brianskim80@yahoo.com