View Full Version : Laserlyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System

09-13-2011, 10:54 AM

Wish I had a camera but I don't even have one on my trac phone lol. I got my bore sighter today ordered on what Tues. last week I think. UPS knocked once and left it on my front door step before I could get up and answer the door again but hey it's only a $130 prodcut :facepalm:.

Item was solid metal bore sighter with plastic arbors and tiny metal screws. It's got a bright green laser. Screwed into arbor fairly straight forward and works well without the worries of it getting jammed up like the Bushnell twsit to inflate rubber POS one I tried. Besides the better quality and differant arbor it's basically the same concept as the Bushnell's. I like the leveler which allows you to slide it on any picitiny rail or rifle muzzle. I don't think the leveler will fit on a SG or a Pistol unless you can use the appropriate arbor I didn't look.

I might go to Sac Valley Fri. But whenever I do I'll post here. I will also post Wed. or Thurs. I want to remount my Buckmaster using the leveler and stuff and attempt to use it at 10m. It's got the option in th instructions so we'll see. I wasn't even on paper at 100 Yards when I went out with my Buckmaster last time but only shot a few rounds and left. I was only there for zeroing my eotech and had limited ammo.