View Full Version : Paid my dues

01-29-2007, 7:34 PM
Well the rancher who lets me shoot on his land had his branding round up last weekend. We gathered cattle and fixed fences and corrals all Saturday and Sunday we worked cows, heifers and bulls through the chutes for vaccinations, worming and year branding this year's replacement heifers. Then we branded, ear notched, tagged, castrated and vaccinated 48 calves.

Man, I'm getting too old to throw calves anymore, I'm sore all over today. Thankfully we had half a dozen testosterone crazed teenage boys to help out. But, this give me hunting priveledges on 1800 acres of land 15 miles from my house.

01-29-2007, 7:52 PM
Yup, ya gotta earn your keep.
Cows, thats a young mans job. Like you said, testosterone crazed, helps immensly. Though I think we pay for those crazed levels of testosterone in later years.
I helped my brother in law shear his goats a couple years ago. Sore after that. I'd rather put up hay.

Much too old for all that now.