View Full Version : SOLD:Original 1960s Portuguese AR-10 kit on OLL with BB.In Livermore.

Tank 57
09-11-2011, 8:19 PM
Selling my Portuguese model AR-10.It is on an H&H semi lower.Made in Redwood City.I was able to modify an AR-15 mag latch and bullet button to make it Ca. compliant.Blocked one original magazine to 10 rounds.Will include original mag catch with rifle.Bore has some pitting,rifling still good.

Have a new ER Shaw barrel that I will include with rifle.New barrel does not have barrel extension.Will also include 2 disassembled original 20 round magazines as rebuild kits.

Asking $3600 for rifle with modded mag,barrel and 2 kits.Due to high price of this,would prefer PPT so buyer can inspect before purchase.Would be willing to travel a couple hours for serious buyer.Not looking for any trades right now.

Also have correct bayonet for rifle available seperately.Will give rifle buyer first option on bayonet.

PM if interested.Thanks.



Tank 57
09-11-2011, 8:21 PM
More pics.




Tank 57
09-20-2011, 3:47 PM
Another bump.I'm not going to threaten to "put it back in the safe".Actually it's in the safe now.I listed it here on Calguns first because I'd like to sell it in California.Like many others here,I get annoyed by the "no sales to California" mentality.A couple people have told me to list it on AR15.com or Gunbroker.Going to leave it here for a while.

09-21-2011, 8:29 AM
This is one of the nicest Portuguese AR10's I have seen in a few years. This one apprears to have fantastic original handguards, grip, and buttstock. All it lacks to be complete is a blank fire adaptor!

When comparing this rifle to similar rifles, do not forget to notice these details.
a) original aluminum sling holder clip on left side of buttstock
b) buttpad has intact rubber
c) front slingholder loop is present
d) nice plastic buttstock and original handguards

These are important details because there is no source for these replacement pieces.

Tank 57
09-25-2011, 4:48 PM
BTT-Took it to the range yesterday.Only put 30 rounds through it.Functioned flawlessly.Still shoots a good group at 100 yards.



Tank 57
09-26-2011, 4:49 PM
Have an original correct sling on the way.Will also include blank firing attachment.Will post pics of both on gun after sling arrives.Tried to take pics of bore,didn't come out.

Tank 57
09-27-2011, 4:54 PM