View Full Version : Need to Sell FAST - Stag Complete Lower w/ MMG - CHEAP!!

09-10-2011, 10:46 AM
I have a complete Stag lower I need to get rid of. I'm literally starving and I'm desperate for cash. I spent $345 + fees on this damn thing ($300 lower + $45 MonsterMan Grip) but I'm willing to take a heavy loss to get cash fast.

*runs to take pictures, brb*

Holy CRAP!! You wouldn't BELIEVE the nightmare I've been through... So as soon as I post this, I run and take a picture, and I come back literally 5 mins later to edit the post and upload the picture, when suddenly Calguns crashes... and then when it finally gets back up a few hours later, my internet connection crashes... Trying to edit this post was the most aggravating/infuriating thing I've encountered in all my life.

So ANYWAY... Here's my new attempt to edit this post...

So, up for sale is my complete Stag lower, including a Monsterman Grip. This is a complete Stag 5.56 lower, with an installed CMT LPK, with a MMG grip and a standard buffer/stock. Here is the exact item I purchased:

The MMG was an additional $45 if I remember correctly. So it was $345 total. And I actually had to pay two separate DROS fees (for some really ****ty reason), so all in all, I'm in the hole $405 for this stupid lower...

So anyway, the story goes, I'm broke, I lost my car, I lost my home, and I recently (last week) moved to San Antonio, TX, to live with my brother while I get back on my feet. I'm quite literally starving to death at the moment, so I've resorted to ebaying/pawning off everything I own to come up with some fast cash. So, seeing as this Stag lower is BRAND new, and has been literally sitting in the corner of my room, wrapped-up in a beach towel ever since I bought it 3 years ago, I figured it's still worth the original $345... But since I'm looking for a quick sale, and I'd also like to give my fellow Cal-gunners a good deal, I was thinking... $240...? Does that sound fair? Judging by the sheer volume of PMs I'm being bombarded with, I'd say $240 is a good enough deal to have this gun sold ASAP.

So... I'm honestly not too sure how to go about this. I'm a Simi Valley native (Ventura County), and I know there's a few Simi locals who will accept the gun via mail and perform the DROS and all the paperwork, so I'm sure there's some way to go about this, even though I'm currently in TX. Anyway... I guess that's about it. Oh, and here's that stupid pic I tried to post yesterday, before the forum crashed >:(


09-17-2011, 2:07 PM
Do you have the stock grip?
I dont have much use for the MMG grip.

How much to ship to an FFL in Arizona?

Yuma, AZ 85367