View Full Version : yaybacons ar-15 build

09-09-2011, 8:07 PM
so incredibly bored waiting for my lower receiver, i found myself etching a triforce into the scopemount i was building.

so far its
cmmg 18inch 22lr upper all stainless upgrades
half pachmayr swing-lo mount from a bsa-bolt action of somekind, half my own design
plan to buy a troy trx standard rail some magpul foregrips/rail covers and a hk battlegrip :D

and if anyone notices thats not atually a Kac rear sight but an airsoft one, its because i bought the cheapest airsoft one i could find, 1. so i could make sure it fit under my scopemount and 2. imma copy the measurements of it into some aluminum and steel and build a duplicate with fiber optics wrapped all the way up and down it , and not 100% sure itll fit under the scope but i plan to then cover the fiber optic coil with something that telescopes, probably rubber so i can set the level of light and not blind myself.

09-10-2011, 12:53 AM
For a rimfire we will let the airsoft knockoffs slide. If you put real KAC on a .22 AR i would question your sanity.