View Full Version : Please help me decide Primary Arms Micro dot bundle

09-09-2011, 3:48 PM
I am trying to decide between the primary arms micro dot adt1 bundle for my AR

I have an ARMS mid length rail system with ARMS flip up rear sights.

Both bundles include the optional riser so I guess the questions I'm asking is:

Is the kill flash a necessary or worthwhile option? My rifle's primary use is plinking/ carbine classes, not really a hunter and if I went I'd be shooting a long gun anyway.


09-09-2011, 4:15 PM
Kill flash is only necessary if you're worried about 2-leggeds or 4-leggeds seeing the reflection of the sun off of your glass or your red-dot.
OTOH, all keyboard commandos will tell you it is absolutely necessary to make sure those zombie can't pinpoint your location. Because goodness knows, flash suppresors hide all muzzle flash 100%! :rolleyes:

BTW, love mine with the optional riser, get the quick dissconnect if you anticipate using your BUIS a lot.

ETA: Killflash can darken the view through the optic depending on the type/quality.

09-10-2011, 11:18 PM
Funny post...awesome I'll spend the other twenty bucks on...EATING! Thanks!