View Full Version : F/S-Stripped AR upper, M1A Rebuilds, Misc bits.-San Diego

09-09-2011, 1:47 PM
Heyo all,
Got a stripped flat top AR upper for sale. By stripped I mean it has absolutely nothing; no barrel, dust cover, etc. It's got a small nick on the last part of the rail. Would honestly take 100rds of 5.56 ammo over money. If not, then $50.SPF TO SCOTT5182
I've got about 8 M14 20rd rebuild kits, these things are pretty used, but function just fine. I'd be looking at $20 a kit, or save yourself $10 and buy them all for $150, SOLD TO CORBIN DALLAS
And somehow I have two black Magpul MOE AR grips, one has grip tape on it. $10 each.
Oh yeah, you're gonna need to carry all those M14 mags, right? Well buy this flipping Blue Force Gear SCAR-H 10-Speed Chest Rig for $50, and shut up about it. Used a couple times, but still in great shape, and Ranger GreenSOLD TO CORBIN DALLAS
FTF in the San Diego area much preferred to shipping, but if you must have it shipped, it's on your dime.
If you would like pictures or have any questions, call or text me at 708-209-6271.
Thanks for looking,

09-09-2011, 3:11 PM
Ill take the upper for ammo Left message

09-09-2011, 4:44 PM
Seconds on the upper.